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Sick Days and the Sick Leave Bank: Full time teachers accumulate sick days at the rate of 15 per year. The contract provides for a Sick Leave Bank. In the absence of a long term disability plan, Wayland Public Schools teachers contribute one day per school year of their accumulated sick days into the Bank. The Bank is available for use by other participating teachers whose accumulated sick leave is exhausted through prolonged illness.

How to apply for days from the sick bank (the contract talks about its existence but not how to apply):

  • send a request to the Chair of the Sick Bank Committee (Sharon Postma right now) for the number of days they anticipate needing,
  • include the reason for the need and
  • include when they will run out of their personal sick time (so they need to know exactly how many sick days they have left)

Longterm Disability: The contract contains the following language about longterm disability:

Should the Town of Wayland ever cease to offer the current Long Term Disability plan in which employees may participate, the Town of Wayland will assign a payroll deduction slot for teachers to participate in the Massachusetts Teachers’ Association disability insurance plan. The WTA will inform the Committee of the premium amounts of the plan, along with deduction authorizations for those employees who are eligible for and wish to participate in the plan.

Currently, Wayland does not offer such a program. The MTA offers a plan:

if there is no Wayland Long Term Disability Plan in effect, then every teacher in the district contributes one sick day per year to a Sick Leave Bank. The Sick Leave Bank is available for helping members who have prolonged illnesses. If you have exhausted your sick leave and need additional days, you may apply to the Sick Leave Bank Committee (either Brad Crozier and/or Sharon Postma) and the Committee will vote on your request.

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