School Start Times Issue

New school start times were passed in the fall of 201. Information related to this change can be found on the school committee page:

October 13, 2018

Dear Members of the Wayland School Committee and Administrative Council,

I hope you are well.

Following the recent presentations at staff meetings on the school start times proposals being considered by the school committee, the WTA E-Board received significant communication from our members expressing deep concern about the plans. Moreover, several noted misleading posts in social media about teachers' support for the changes as well as the Association's involvement in the process and product.

In an effort to get clear and accurate information about our members' support for the proposed changes, the E-Board decided to survey our members. We sent the survey on Sunday, October 7th, just before 9:00 pm and closed on Thursday, October 11th with 95% participation. The options of Support, Do Not Support, and Neutral were randomized (order randomly changed to control for any potential bias). I have attached a pdf with the final results. Based on this survey, it is clear that the majority of teachers at all levels do not support the current start times proposals being considered.

I am attaching the survey results for your information.



WTA Member Start Time Survey Results w: Reasons for Not Supporting.pdf