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Salary Lane Change


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Reimbursement Checklist |Checklist|

  • Course Reimbursement Form (WTA/WESA) |Form|
  • License Renewal Reimbursement Form |Form|
  • Business Office - Employee Expenses and Mileage Reimbursement Form |Form| |Instructions|

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  • Conference Request Form |Form|
  • Request for Leave Form (WTA) |Form|
  • Absence Approval Form (WESA/Non-Union) |Form|
  • Vacation/Personal Day Request Form (Administrators) |Form|


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  • Employee Profile Update Form |Form|
  • Direct Deposit Form |Form|
  • Federal Tax Withholding Form |Form|
  • State Tax Withholding Form |Form|


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  • Personnel Authorization Form |Form|
  • Application for Salary Change (WTA) |Form|
  • Application for Salary Change (WESA) |Form|
  • Employee Accident Report Form |Form|

We receive paychecks every two weeks with one big exception. It is important to check your pay stub regularly to make sure that your pay and deductions are accurate. In late June, we receive the last paycheck while school is in session. This paycheck includes pay for the entire summer, typically five or six paychecks wrapped into one. In general, your net pay should be about the same throughout the year, but there are several reasons for fluctuations:

1) You moved lanes: There are a couple of important deadlines for notifying the administration of lane changes The pay increase will be retroactive to the date you told the administration but is tied to those notification deadlines. Expect a lump sum retroactive payment on top of your regular paycheck, followed by the regular increase in each paycheck.

2) State taxes: In Massachusetts, the first $2,000 deducted for retirement is tax exempt. The dollars that go into the 2K calculation are pension and Medicare deductions. After that 2K threshold is reached, you are taxed on your full salary. This usually means that sometime in March or April, your net pay goes down slightly.

3) Health Care Rates: If health care rates change, then your deductions and net pay change.

4) Lane Changes: If you plan to change lanes (e.g., Masters to M + 30) or even think you might change lanes next year, our contract requires that you notify the Administration by October 1st of the year before the lane change. There is no penalty in notifying and then not changing lanes. On the other hand, if you fail to notify, you miss out. Sending an e-mail to Linda Lavenda ( will constitute official notification of your intent per the WTA Agreement. With regard to salary lane changes, please be sure to include both your current and anticipated salary lane in your e-mail.