Professional Learning

Wayland Public Schools reimburses educators for recertification fees.

Professional Learning Opportunities

A reminder that WPS has $93,000 set aside for courses, conferences, and other learning events. You simply fill out a form for approval prior to taking the course. You will be reimbursed upon completion up to $750 to begin with, and more if the account allows (see contract language for specific information - page 22). It does not have to be a credited course, but does have to relate to your work. WESA also has some money set aside for this. Also WPSF will support some professional development too, so it could be the subject of a grant proposal.

  • Further, there are often a selection of Union and other professional learning opportunities that are low-cost or free.
  • Gaining credits helps you to rise on the salary scale and gives you greater employment and advancement opportunities.
  • Course Reimbursement Form (WTA/WESA) |Form

Independent Learning Options

Lead Your Own Professional Learning

If you have a professional learning event that you think WTA Members will be interested in, please forward to and I'll include it on this list.

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There are so many ways to develop your professional practice and repertoire. Note the professional learning opportunities, recognition programs, grants, and institutes below.

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Consider Applying for These Generous Grants and Awards:

All educators in Massachusetts are apart of an evaluation system that is a "cycle of improvement." You can find out the details of this system via this Wayland Evaluation System website. Recertification requirements are also listed on the MTA website.