Political Action

There are many ways for members to become politically active and promote an agenda that supports public schools, educators, students, and families. This involvement is well supported by the Massachusetts Teachers Association and National Education Association. To be present and active is to be heard, and to be heard is to support optimal professional practice and development.

Apply for a scholarship to attend the NEA Annual Meeting (We are in Region D and there are 12 slots for delegates)

Become an Annual Meeting Delegate and Attend the May 4-5 Annual Meeting (If interested send an email to WTA President Kori Rogers in January to express your interest. If need be, there will be an election in March to choose delegates from the WTA)

If you have additional ideas or links for political action for members, please let maureenprattdevlin@gmail.com know so those opportunities can be added to this list. Thank you.

Write to your state and national representatives and senators

From time to time, legislation directly affecting our profession comes up for vote in the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives. If you feel moved to contact your Senator or Representative regarding education, budget and labor legislation. here are several suggestions to keep in mind:

  • The first essential of an effective letter or email is specific reference to the particular bills such as H. 478 (for House bills) or S. 562 (for Senate bills).
  • The second essential is a brief statement of the bill in whole or in part which concerns you, and an explanation of the effect of its provisions on your profession.
  • The third essential is your recommendation to your legislator to favor or oppose the bill.
  • Be courteous. Neither threaten nor promise, for each signifies a belief that he can be pressured into adopting your view.
  • ADDRESSING YOUR LETTER: A state Senator, a United States Senator or a member of Congress is addressed as Honorable John J. Doe. A state Representative is addressed Representative John J. Doe. The salutations, respectively, are: Dear Senator Doe, or Dear Representative Doe.

IX) Some Services Provided by the Association

Your membership in the Association provides you with the following services: