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Stay abreast of policy at district, state and national levels.

MTA Policy site

The MTA works on behalf of educators to research, inform and advocate for positive change to policies that affect Massachusetts educators, schools and students.

2017-2018 State Policies to be aware of:


    • No accountability designations (1-3) for schools with grades 3-8
    • Changes to accountability system based on MA ESSA State Plan
    • Amendments to existing regulations

How do accountability measures affect administrators, educators, students and your community in general?


    • New regulations with Student Learning Indicator to be "implemented" this year. This issue needs to be bargained w/support of MTA Field Representative, members' ideas, and board efforts. Does not have to be submitted to DOE for review.


    • New licensure and license renewal regulations approved in June 2017
    • Proposed amendments to vocational licensure regulations anticipated

Next-Gen MCAS

    • Results from new tests will be published in Fall 2017

Charter Schools

    • Eight letters of intent to submit applications
    • Prospectus due August 1
    • Final Applications due November 1

Curriculum Frameworks

    • Revision of History and Social Science Framework

Emerging Policy Issues

    • Personalized Learning