Important Dates

2017-2018 WTA Calendar: IMPORTANT DATES

The WTA board meets once a month. All members are welcome to attend the meetings. Throughout the year there are a number of events that pertain to our contract as well as opportunities and responsibilities as a Union member. We'll update the calendar as new events are added, but for now this will give you an idea of what to expect. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the evaluation system website and a timeline of evaluation activities.

2017: First Days of School

  • New Teacher Orientation: The Union President, Kori Rogers, will introduce the WTA to new members. Date(s): ______________________
  • Wednesday, August 30: Teachers' First Days of School: The Union President, Kori Rogers, introduces the union membership to the new school year and related union focus on the morning of September 30 right after Superintendent Unobskey's introductory talk.
  • Preparation Days - First Two Days of School 8/30 & 8/31: By contract, each teacher except sixth grade teachers has 6 hours set aside for classroom set-up. Sixth grade teachers have four hours set aside and the remaining two hours are made up via allowing sixth graders to use the first Wednesday in-service time as their own time.
  • First Student Day of School: Tuesday, September 5
  • School Year Calendar

September 2017

  • First paycheck 8/31/2017: Check your numbers to make sure you are receiving the proper amount. If you're unsure ask your building representative to help you out. You may check your salary and other stipends on the contract which is linked at the top of the page.
  • September WTA Board Meeting: Thursday, September __ (TBD due to elementary curriculum nights on 9/7)

October 2017

  • October 5, 2017: WTA Board Meeting
  • October 1: Notify the Assistant Superintendent if you've earned a lane change so that your salary will reflect that beginning in December. Make sure that all documentation is received by Central Office by this date.
  • October 1: Summer work list is published for WTA Board review including days worked, who worked those days, payment to individuals, and the total payment. Summer work list is reviewed by Board
  • Professional development fund report is also published and reviewed at some point in the year.
  • By October 1: new educators will meet with their evaluators as outlined below:
  • By October 15: the following reports are supposed to be sent to the Association: (contract language has not kept up with the changes in the evaluation system)
  • By October 15: educators will have created their education goals and met with their evaluator.
  • By October 15: according to the contract, each teachers should receive the following: (note that it's clear that contract language has not kept up with changes in the evaluation system)

November 2017

  • November 2: WTA Board Meeting
  • By November 1: Educator evaluation/goal plans are completed by the evaluator and signed by the educator within 6 days.
  • November 15: First observations are made by November 15th by the evaluator.
  • November 4: MTA New Teachers Conference: Sign up at MTA

December 2017

  • December 7: WTA Meeting
  • Payroll Adjustments made for educators who earned lane changes.

January 2018

  • January 4 WTA Board Meeting
  • W2's typically sent out at end of month.
  • Don't forget to list your union dues on your taxes.

February 2018

  • February 1, 2017: WTA Board Meeting

March 2018

  • March 1 WTA Board Meeting
  • Every tenured teacher should have had one evaluation by the primary evaluator. If the evaluation is unsatisfactory, the teacher has to be told by this date according to the current contract.
  • School calendar for the following year is published by March 1.
  • Paperwork/Vote for Annual Meeting
  • The Association will react to the calendar by March 15.

April 2018

  • April 5 WTA Board Meeting
  • In cases of unsatisfactory performance evaluations, a second evaluation has to be completed between April 1 and June 1 to note any changes.
  • If there are calendar disagreements, they will be solved by April 1.
  • WTA Reception? (the reception occurred April 2015)

May 2018

  • May 3 WTA Board Meeting
  • If a reduction in force were to take place, educators would need to be notified of that by May 15.
  • All observations will be done by May 15.
  • Union Annual Meeting: Let your building representative know if you want to attend.

June 2018

  • June 7 WTA Board Meeting
  • In cases of an unsatisfactory evaluation, educators have to be told if their salary increment will be withhdled by June 15.
  • Notify the Assistant Superintendent by June 1 for any salary increase due to lane change to receive salary change beginning in the next school year. Make sure that all documentation has been received by the central office by that date.
  • Last day of June: Payroll adjustments made.
  • Evaluation meets for proficient or exemplary performance may be requested and must occur by June 10.
  • Evaluations must be signed by June 15th, and the signature does not necessarily reflect agreement.

July 2018/August 2018

  • Elementary school teachers receive their schedules by August 15. (There could possibly be some changes by the principal after that.)
  • MTA Summer Conferences

Evaluation System Dates

These dates are more accurately noted in the evaluation website.

20. Timelines (Dates in italics are provided as guidance)

Activity: Completed By:

Superintendent, principal or designee meets with evaluators and educators to explain evaluation process

September 15

Evaluator meets with first-year educators to assist in self-assessment and goal setting process Educator submits self-assessment and proposed goals

October 1

Evaluator meets with Educators in teams or individually to establish Educator Plans (Educator Plan may be established at Summative Evaluation Report meeting in prior school year)

October 15

Evaluator completes Educator Plans November 1

Evaluator should complete first observation of each Educator November 15

Educator submits evidence on parent outreach, professional growth, progress on goals (and other standards, if desired) * or four weeks before Formative Assessment Report date established by Evaluator

January 5*

Evaluator should complete mid-cycle Formative Assessment Reports for Educators on one-year Educator Plans

February 1

Evaluator holds Formative Assessment Meetings if requested by either Evaluator or Educator

February 15

Educator submits evidence on parent outreach, professional growth, progress on goals (and other standards, if desired) *or 4 weeks prior to Summative Evaluation Report date established by evaluator

April 20*

Evaluator completes Summative Evaluation Report May 15

Evaluator meets with Educators whose overall Summative Evaluation ratings are Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory

June 1

Evaluator meets with Educators whose ratings are proficient or exemplary at request of Evaluator or Educator

June 10

Educator signs Summative Evaluation Report and adds response, if any within 5 school days of receipt

June 15

A. Educators with PTS on Two Year Plans

Activity: Completed By:

Evaluator completes unannounced observation(s) Any time during the 2-

year evaluation cycle

Evaluator completes Formative Evaluation Report June 1 of Year 1

Evaluator conducts Formative Evaluation Meeting, if any June 1 of Year 1

Evaluator completes Summative Evaluation Report May 15 of Year 2

Evaluator conducts Summative Evaluation Meeting, if any June 10 of Year 2

Evaluator and Educator sign Summative Evaluation Report June 15 of Year 2

B. Educators on Plans of Less than One Year

i) The timeline for educators on Plans of less than one year will be established in

the Educator Plan.