The Purpose of the Wayland Teachers' Association

Wayland Teachers Association (WTA) Welcome 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the home page for the Wayland Teachers' Association, Inc. (WTA). Information at this site constantly evolving so please plan on checking the site regularly for updates. This website is maintained and updated by the executive board of the WTA and is the primary location for compiling and supporting the knowledge, issues, and potential related to our membership and our individual and collective efforts as education professionals. Please contact the WTA secretary and Happy Hollow 5th grade teacher, Maureen Devlin, at maureenprattdevlin@gmail.com with ideas for additional information or needed updates and edits.

What does the WTA do for you?

  • THE WTA NEGOTIATES the agreement. The Negotiations Team, made up of about 6 of your colleagues and our MTA Uniserv field representative, typically bargain for a new Agreement every three years.
  • The WTA maintains the integrity of the contract through GRIEVANCE and ARBITRATION procedures.
  • The WTA administers the SICK LEAVE BANK which provides coverage for teachers in the event of an illness depleting a teacher’s sick leave time. The benefits from this service have meant 100’s of thousands of dollars paid to members since 1973 who exhausted their own sick leave time.
  • The WTA sponsors several SOCIAL EVENTS, usually at the building level. These events are typically a time to meet WTA representatives, other colleagues as well as enjoy some coffee and pastry. We may want to think more about this area
  • The WTA SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE is made up of representatives from each building. Each year the WTA grants up to four scholarships to graduating Wayland students.Who leads this -- how much$
  • The WTA provides a representative for you to the Wayland Insurance Advisory Council to advise the Town on our desires in HEALTH CARE and INSURANCE matters.
  • The WTA EXECUTIVE BOARD meets at least once each month to administer the continuing issues of local organizational security and to provide guidance for the officers of the Association.
  • The WTA BUILDING REPRESENTATIVES provide immediate contact in your building and represent you on the Executive Board.
  • The WTA President’s NEWSLETTER keeps you informed of issues and activities such as negotiations, grievance and professional obligations.
  • The WTA TREASURER maintains the membership roll, arranges dues deductions, and manages the budget and finance of the Association.
  • The WTA provides ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE of members at the Annual House of Delegates of the MTA. This is something we may want to revisit
  • Only through a unified local, state and national membership can a teachers be eligible to utilize the services of the MTA and NEA insurance programs, or MTA and NEA mass purchasing programs.