Health Club Membership: Longfellow

Thanks to the coordination of Krisin Fay, any Wayland employee can join the Longfellow Health Club with a Wayland Public Schools educator membership. Please see the related information below:

It is almost time to renew our corporate membership contract with Longfellow. For those that are new to this, Longfellow offers significant membership discounts to ALL those who work for Wayland Public Schools, as well as those retired from the Wayland Public Schools.

The new membership will go from February 1, 2018- February 1, 2019. I collect the checks in the month of January and then submit one big check to Longfellow. Checks are made out to WTA- Longfellow. This deal is not part of our union, and you do not need to be a member of the union to participate. They just act as a holder of the money so that you are all not writing personal checks to me.

The new membership rates are:

Individual $685 (must be the employee)

Couple $985 (employee plus anyone else living with him/her)

Family $1355 (employee plus anyone else living with him/her, this

includes children up to the age of 23)

What do I get with this membership?

This allows you access to Longfellow Club in Wayland and in Natick. It also includes a Lumina membership. It does not include tennis.

Every member, new or previous, gets two 60-minute fitness consultations at no charge and one 60-minute nutrition consultation (may charge your health insurance for this if available).

Who is eligible?

Any employee of Wayland Public Schools (teachers, assistants, administrators, custodians, central office staff, secretaries, cafeteria staff, BASE staff, etc.). If you get paid by Wayland Public Schools, you are eligible.

How do I join?

Starting in January I will be collecting checks. Please make out your check for the appropriate amount to WTA- Longfellow.

Send it to Kristin Fay, Happy Hollow School

I will be collecting checks starting now until January 22nd. I will not deposit these checks until after this date and I will give you a heads up before I deposit the check if you need to make a last minute transfer.


You must join with the group in order to get this rate. If you join at any other time of year, you will be charged the regular monthly rate that Longfellow offers anyone off the street until the following year when the group contract is renewed. This is new this year. You can no longer join in the middle of the contract and get these special rates pro-rated for the portion of the year left.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this membership deal?

The best thing to do is email me AND Dick Dennin, Membership Director at Longfellow.

My email

Dick's email is

I can answer some questions but most of the questions can be answered by Dick.