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WTA News

  • You may increase your salary by gaining more credits and moving up lanes. There are many low cost and possibly free ways to do this. These opportunities are listed on the professional learning page.
  • Are You Interested in Attending MTA's Annual Meeting in May? A New Vice President and President of the Massachusetts' Teachers Union will be elected this spring at The May 4th and 5th Annual Meeting. To be a delegate at The Annual Meeting please nominate yourself by sending an email to WTA President Kori Rogers in January to relay your interest. The WTA will run an election in late March. If there are fewer candidates than seats, all candidates are selected, and no election is held. Since this is the same time as MCAS tests, you may want to make sure not to plan an MCAS test for 5/4 if you want to go to the meeting. If you're curious and want to know more about The Annual Meeting, take a look at highlights from last year.

Hot Topics

New Contract Negotiations

We have a new contract! Thank You Negotiations Chair and Team! After a few minor corrections, the newsletter has to be signed by the school committee on October 2nd and will be posted after that.

Discussions about Changing School Times Continues (see below): Stay tuned for information about this via membership emails and newsletters. If you are not receiving membership emails, please contact your building representative.

Labor and Management and New Initiatives Committees will begin meeting soon.

The new contract includes two new committees, one to review new curriculum initiatives and another to streamline the evaluation system.

Meeting Dates

The WTA Board meets the first Thursday of the month in Kori Roger's classroom at Happy Hollow School from 3:30-5:30ish. All WTA embers are welcome to attend these meetings.

The Minutes for each monthly meeting are available upon request from the WTA secretary at maureenprattdevlin@gmail.com.

Change in School Times

School Start and End Times: Potential Changes at All Levels Starting Next Year

As you may be aware, the district is considering a later start time at the High School and Middle School. Former Superintendent Paul Stein organized a Task Force of parents, teachers, administrators, and school committee members, "charged with developing one or two plans for school start times that move high school and middle school start times as close as possible to 8:30 A.M., understanding that this will likely impact elementary schools start times as well." I interpret this to mean that we will be looking at an earlier, or later start and end time at the elementary level, if there are changes at the High School and/or Middle School.

Any change will impact our staff as well as our students, so it is incumbent upon us to stay informed. I attended the School Committee meeting on September 18 and learned the following: The Task Force has held two of three meetings. Members will conclude their work and make a recommendation to the School Committee at a November meeting (tentatively November 20). The School Committee will then invite public comment and make a decision by January. The School Committee is planning to vote at its meeting on January 8, 2018.

Please share your thoughts on any potential changes with your building representatives, and we will get this information to the Task Force. The WTA has not yet taken a position on this matter. We will keep you posted as we learn more.