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Senior citizens are especially likely to be affected by incontinence - in principle; however, this condition can affect anyone, for example as a result of a tumor, an accident or even a stroke. Millions of people suffer from incontinence - but unfortunately this is still a taboo subject. Being a doctor and being open about the disease can help prevent consequential damage and problems such as kidney disease. In addition, there are now many products that support people with incontinence in everyday life - including not least the incontinence mattress or mattress pad.

Worth knowing about incontinence

The term "incontinence" is composed of the Latin word "continental" ("withhold") and the prefix "in". People who suffer from incontinence can therefore no longer hold back the excretion of certain body fluids. A distinction is made between different types and forms of incontinence:

· Urinary Incontinence

· Fecal Incontinence

· Milk incontinence

In urinary incontinence, which is probably the most common in most people, sufferers randomly lose urine, while faucal incontinence can no longer control the excretion of faeces. However, milk incontinence is a disturbance in the milk retention capacity of the teat canal.

Many people suffering from urinary incontinence consume less fluid to reduce the urinary excretion. In fact, doing so is exactly the opposite: as the muscles of the bladder are trained by the urine fill, this workout eliminates fluid, reducing the capacity of the bladder and increasing the pressure on the bladder. In addition, reduced fluid intake has a negative effect on the entire organism, which damages the kidneys and favors infections. For that you need to visit thebest-mattress.

The right incontinence mattress

Since urinary incontinence, excrement or lactation is also arbitrary in sleep during incontinence, incontinent rely on special products to select and protect their mattress. In this case, patients can choose between two different options: Either they provide an existing mattress with a special incontinence pad, or they move to an incontinence mattress instead. The full-fledged incontinence mattress offers the advantage that it provides all-round protection while the overlay only protects the covered area.

An incontinence mattress is accompanied by liquid-tight and wipes able PU protective covers that are particularly easy to clean. In addition, the incontinence mattress or the incontinence cover should be made breathable and made of genuine functional fabric. The cover should be washable with warm water and easy to disinfect.

Building an incontinence mattress in detail

In the innermost core is a mattress cover for incontinent made of breathable polyester. This material does not allow liquids to penetrate, but still allows easy cleaning at 90 ° C in the washing machine and disinfection with sharp means. The outer shell is easy to clean, but still offers plenty of comfort. As a mattress core, however, latex is recommended, as it is a particularly hygienic, moisture-repellent and breathable material.

When choosing a mattress or a mattress cover, however, you should not underestimate the usual factors that are important in the mattress purchase. These include, for example, the degree of hardness, the mattress core, the slatted frame and not least the size of the mattress. Especially for people who have to contend with incapacities and also with bed rest, a comfortable mattress, which counteracts the wounded, is of utmost importance.

Why a mattress protector?

Under a mattress should be a mattress cover, which is breathable and thus ensures better moisture removal at the bottom of the mattress. Especially with motor frames, the saver also avoids abrasion of the mattress cover. On the mattress should at least (if not a bed is used) a cotton molten lie that can be easily washed and thus makes a significant contribution to the hygiene of the mattress.

The right mattress care

A mattress should be turned occasionally. About once every six months, the mattress is turned so that the bottom surface comes to rest. This is important in order to prevent the formation of cold air and to ensure even ventilation, even on the underside. It is not recommended to vacuum the mattress with the vacuum cleaner. Here, fibers of the upholstery can be pulled through the cover, the mattress starts to lint.

Padding of the mattress

The upholstery of the mattress should be thick enough to absorb the moisture released by man during the night (about ½ liter).

The cover of the mattress should be elastic, so that the elasticity of the mattress core can also be passed on to the body unabated.

Today, upholstery made of microfiber is usually used to ensure wash ability at 60 degrees.

How long should you use a mattress?

If you notice a couch in your mattress, then you should renew the mattress. Otherwise you will harm your back because you are orthopedically wrong every night. The expected visit to the orthopedist is certainly more unpleasant than the purchase of a new mattress!

The same applies if you notice foxing on your mattress. These can be caused by inadequate ventilation of the mattress. Please renew immediately, because mold spores that you inhale cause illnesses!

Even the best mattress should be replaced after about 10 years against a new one: For hygienic reasons, because sweat, dander and dust from 3650 nights has accumulated in it. In addition, the owner of the mattress is 10 years older and the requirements for the mattress have changed accordingly.

Latex mattresses - adaptable, antiseptic and with a good climate balance

Latex mattresses are suitable for side sleepers. They give a very pleasant and soft feeling without the stabilization of the spine suffers. The spine lies in the horizontal, while the pelvis and the shoulders can sink into the latex mattress in the lateral position.

· Good ventilation can be a disadvantage for people who quickly freeze during the night. The conversion to a spring mattress can sometimes cause difficulties. By changing the lying position, the spring core may vibrate slightly, causing some people to react sensitively. But after a short period of habituation, the feeling of ringing has disappeared.

The spring mattress is advantageous for heavy sweating people, because it is breathable due to their construction. Due to the good ventilation, the moisture caused by sweating is released to the outside. However, this is only on the condition that the spring mattress rests on a slatted base. The incorporated springs offer a comfortable support function, with pocket spring mattresses and barrel pocket spring mattresses having good point elasticity.