July 19-21, 2024

Waverly Heritage Days

at the Bremer County Fairgrounds near the Waverly Golf Course 

Welcome Class of  W-SR 50 Plus Reunion !

Mission Statement 

Waverly Heritage Days is a local organization dedicated to offering Waverly and the surrounding area a festival of activities promoting its heritage, talents, and greatest asset - its fellow citizens. 

 Meet the Committee

Left to Right Front Row: Carolyn Rittgers, Ann Rathe, Teresa Arenholz, Christina Kramer, Haley Habinck, Jess Hamilton

Left to Right Back Row: Rob Hirst, Scott Bartling, Rich Walvatne, Dustin Newhoff, Micah Reuscher, Holly Armstrong, Darwin Rittgers

Not Pictured: Julie Kneip and Sherri Leyen 

Welcome New Members: Ellen Newhoff, Sue Schneiderman,  Lindsay Bienemann, Adam Schillie, Bethany Schulte, Shirley Dierks, Julia Hefel, Deb Hamilton, & Tim Greenwald 

Newly Retired Members: Karen Oberheu, Dave Kneip

Co Chairs: Jess Hamilton & Dustin Newhoff
Secretary: Holly Armstrong
Treasurer: Julie Kneip

 A few of the activities offered at Waverly Heritage Days

Waverly Heritage Days Princess'
Waverly Heritage Days Parade
Waverly Heritage Days Bingo


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