Training and courses

Waveney Beekeepers runs beginners courses, usually starting in March and April, that run for about 6 weeks. These are 1.5 hour evening sessions, and cover all the basic information needed. There are also weekly Sunday surgeries held at the Group's apiary on Sunday mornings during the main Beekeeping season.

2018 Beekeeping Courses

The cost is £40 per household for the complete course.

There are 2 opportunities to attend a beginners beekeeping course this year. Both run on a Tuesday evening, and last approximately 1.5 hours. the courses run for 6 sessions, and cover all the basics needed to begin keeping bees, although attending the Sunday surgeries is also recommended.

The first course begins on Tuesday February 27th at 7.30pm and runs until Tuesday 17th April.

The second course begins on Tuesday 1st May and runs until Tuesday 5th June.

To apply to join a course, or for further enquires, please complete our Contact Us sheet.

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