(13) 1 x 75cl bottle dry mead

(14) 1 x 75cl bottle sweet mead

(15) 1 x 75cl bottle flavoured mead

(16). 1 x 35 or 50cl bottle of flavoured honey liquor (any shape bottle)

Presentation of mead

Mead must be shown in clear, colourless punted glass bottles of approximately 750ml (26 fl ounces) capacity with rounded, not sloping, shoulders and without lettering of any kind. Bottles with shallow punts are acceptable. Only cork stoppers are to be used. No alcohol may be added to Metheglin or Melomel, nor may Alcohol or Flavouring be added to Mead, but additions such as acids, nutrients and tannin may be used.

(13-16) label to be fixed 1 inch up from bottom of bottle.