Beginners class

(1 )2 x 1lb jar liquid honey

(2)2 x 1lb jar set or creamed honey

(3)1 x frame of honey

Presentation of jarred extracted honey

Extracted Honey to be exhibited in clear British Standard Pattern round 1 lb squat jars with standard matching lacquered commercial screw tops. The new BD Standard Grading Glasses will be used.

(1-8) Show labels to be placed with bottom of label 25 mm (1 inch) from base of jar.

Presentation of a frame of honey

Presentation of a frame of honey suitable for extraction or cut comb must be shown in protective cases and the comb must be visible from both sides. A stand with the frame loosely covered with food grade plastic wrap will also be acceptable.

(3,9) Label to be fixed on top right side of case or top of frame.