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Thursday 22nd August 2017

Well, it's been a busy few months!! Sad to see Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore close along with the Little Larder but exciting times ahead with Jane Johnson's new project... Random Cafe-TRJFP ... click the link to follow their tweets!

Thanks to everyone who made my recent fundraiser a success - we have raised about £200!! Next project is to hear some of the stories from those living on the streets. Stories from the Streets... coming soon...

A quick blog update has been added to the SW Herts Community Hub... if you've not visited there it is full of updates about local projects and people taking action. My recent Homeless Project blog for the Hub can be read here

Tuesday 27th June 2017

We need sleeping bags!! No, I'm not mad, I'm getting ready for the cold weather by raising money in the Summer for Watford Homeless.

Maths & English 11 Plus Classes: Every Monday at 9am, venue TBA! Profits go to Watford Homeless.

Lynn Stevenson and I are using our skills to help children prepare for entrance exams, with the money raised going towards sleeping bags and other practical support for the homeless. I should be able to tell you which of the fantastic venues we will be using by the end of the this space.

There are just 16 places, £15 per lesson with a discount for early booking.

Contact me on: 01923 549007

Just Giving page to be added soon...

Sunday 16th April 2017

Happy Easter! It has been really busy...just a quick update...English classes will resume on Friday at Reason, but soon will rescheduled to an afternoon or evening slot either at Reason, or at the New Hope Night Shelter (Haven or Sanctuary). We are also planning some exciting new ideas - Verbal Reasoning & Maths 11 plus booster sessions in the Summer, alongside my good friend Lynn Stevenson.

We might not want the grammar school system, but it is coming back in full force so hopefully Lynn and I can even up the playing field for families that can't afford coaches or tutors. The proceeds will go to the homeless in Watford too.

Lastly, Neal at Reason has become an Olio hub and Jane Johnson is researching the prospect of becoming a Real Junk Food Project hub in the near future!

The Little Larder is still going strong...except nobody wants my gravy granules lol! I think they may have to go in the bin :(

Friday 17th March 2017

Am up and awake (sort of) getting ready for the weekly ESL class at Reason this morning... I think a second cup of coffee might be in order first! I've been meaning to blog for weeks, so it took me ages this morning to remember how to log in to this site. Learning new information requires a great deal of consolidation and re

petition, something to consider today during my lessons.

On the Housing Front...some great opportunities popping up in Watford; a new accommodation block is being built on Tolpits Lane, which I believe is aimed at helping the rough sleepers in the area. I do wonder if the location is ideal, but this is still a massive step in the right direction.

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Crisis have highlighted an important piece of proposed legislation which is a step in the right direction to resolving homelessness. What does it mean? One of the proposals is that councils cannot turn away the single homeless who are often told they are 'not a priority'. More information below:

I've dropped a line to Richard Harrington...wonder what his thoughts are?

EFL Classes: Now scheduled for Friday mornings - more updates on this to follow.

Blog - Monday 16th January 2017

Happy New Year! Just a quick update as I am dashing off to my day this miserable January weather. It is so cold and wet...spare a thought for the homeless...they have nowhere to get warm and dry. Some of you may have seen my letters to Debenhams regarding another 'soaking' - here is the link

Personally, I think this was a whitewash (no pun intended!) but lots of good came out of the awful event, eventually.

Below Ruth explains how the concept of the Little Larder came about and what's happened so far.

Tuesday 7th February 2017

An update on the bill:

English classes to start after half term at Reason Coffee & Book little leaflet will be on the site soon! Sandra at Nascot Wood Juniors was first to spot my typo - she declined a free cuppa as reward for her eagle-eyed proof reading so I will donate to the Just Giving page instead: