Watford Homeless Project

What do we do?

Simply put, we help the homeless on a voluntary basis. Giving back to the community can be as easy as that. Quite often it is a real challenge to contribute to society through regular voluntary channels. Here we are just getting on with taking action, helping those in need... as few rules as possible.

Our Projects

The Little Larder

Situated at Sloppy Joe’s (Watford Market) we are one of the UK versions of the USA’s Little Free Pantry (link to their site). [... more info on this page]

English Lessons

Free to the homeless, specialising in TEFL (teaching English as foreign language). Starting soon at Reason Coffee and Bookshop - Friday at 9am. For enquiries contact Ruth on 01923 549007.


We raised £85.00 to buy sleeping bags, and several donations of other equipment. Any money left over was donated to Reason’s Pay it Forward scheme – when you buy a coffee you can donate towards a free drink for the homeless.