Water Softener Phoenix

Things to Know About Water Softener Usage and Recharging for Reducing Mineral Content

Arizona has some of the hardest water in the United States. Residents of the Phoenix metropolitan area have always had hard tap water, but the mineral content has been increasing because of a greater reliance on water from the Colorado River rather than other sources. In phoenix water softener installation is also becoming more prevalent so residents can avoid the disadvantages of hard water.

Hardness Levels

Before the installation of water softeners phoenix, plumbers run a hardness test so the customers can understand exactly what issues they are dealing with. Many people are startled to learn how much mineral content is in the municipal water supply, assuming that this problem would be more common with well water. Much of the nation's municipal tap water is considered too hard, and the problem is especially bad in Arizona.


With the level of mineral content in this part of the country, households deal with all sorts of issues caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium. Soap scum and limescale build up on faucets and around the bathtub. Shower curtains must be cleaned or discarded more often than would otherwise be necessary. It's more difficult to clean the interior of the shower and shower doors because of the buildup. Toilets tend to develop lines where the water level stands in the bowl. Drinking glasses left to dry in a rack turn out spotted, and so does flatware.

How It Works

Softeners installed by companies like Allegiance Water trap the minerals by exchanging the ions with salt. This process takes place in a tank filled with plastic beads. During recharging of the system, those minerals are flushed away and the beads replenished with salt.


When looking for the best water softener phoenix, residents want equipment that operates effectively and efficiently. After installation, the only customary extra costs include adding salt to the tank and a small amount of extra water usage during the recharging process.

When it comes to the maintenance of a water softener phoenix, residents are glad to learn that very little attention is needed. They must add salt to the tank occasionally. It's best to do so before the level drops below half full. Bags of salt tablets can be purchased at home improvement stores and many other locations. In addition, suppliers of water softeners often provide salt delivery service for people who don't want to bother with lugging the heavy bags around. And, not everyone is physically able to lift those heavy bags high enough to add salt to the tank.