The Waterside Scrapstore is stocked full of materials to create wonderful creations out of scrap. You can take a look at some of our materials below and what we think they could be used for.

This is not the full collection: there is always much more in store and it varies as we get new suppliers and when we trade with other scrapstores. For more information on what we currently have in stock, email us.


The bread and butter of any craft activity, we have a wide variety of paper in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

From doodles to decoration, paper chains to origami the possibilities are endless.


This stiff cardboard comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and colours.

Mountboard works best as a background for your artwork.

Coloured film

Unique to the Waterside Scrapstore, this film comes on long rolls and has a variety of colours.

Perfect to create small cutouts for decorations or to create a mock stained-glass window.

Cardboard Tubes

We have a wide variety of cardboard tubes including old carpet rolls and food tubes.

Tall tubes been used previously to create oversize candles and as part of a marble-run. Shorter, wider tubes are perfect for your pet as a tunnel.


From sheet foil to foil dishes and containers we have a good variety in stock.

An essential for any junk modelling activity or space themed craft.

Greetings Cards

From brand new and unused cards to pictures and designs taken from the front of old cards, we have them all.

Old card fronts can be recycled into a gift for Mother's day, reused again or used as a pretty background picture.


If you're into anything knitting then yo're covered!

We have lots of wool in a variety of colours as well as knitting needles of all lengths as well as the patterns to help you achieve your ambitions.


From rolls to large pieces and the plentiful supply of scraps in all colours and patterns we are well stocked in fabrics.

Scraps are ideal for dolls clothing or patchwork quilts whereas the larger pieces are perfect for full scale clothing creations.

Leather, Net, Silk and Felt

As well as the more general fabric we also stock smaller pieces and scraps of other material types including leather, net, silk and felt.

Plastic Containers

Used to store fruit and veg in a past life, these containers today are limited only by your ambitions.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.


A wide variety of used files, folders and box files all ready to go to a new home.

Sticky Foam

It's foam with a sticky back. It's as simple as that!

Perfect for DIY use around the home or as part of a junk model.


We specialise in textured wallpaper, making it perfect for a textured lining to a container.

Or roll out a long length of it to create a long drawing such as of a road or a credit roll.

Bubble wrap

Everyone's favourite stress relief and packing material.

From waves on a sea to a textured pattern its uses are open to the creative mind.


Buttons are another mainstay of the craft world useful in making clothing and as a general decoration. We also have many other fastenings such as zips in store.