About Us

The Waterside Scrapstore is probably quite unlike anything you've experienced before.

We take scrap materials donated by local businesses and sell them on to our members for use as craft and play materials for local children.

There are lots of scrapstores across the UK: find out a bit more of what a scrapstore looks like across the country by watching the video.

How long have we been going?

Way back at the turn of the millennium a group of parents, childminders and play-scheme workers collectively part of the Hampshire Children's and Families Forum (HCFF) came together and noticed that it was often difficult getting affordable craft materials. The end result was the Waterside Scrapstore which opened it's doors on the 1st December 2001 down at Cracknore Hard, Marchwood.

Marchwood was a nice home, but very isolated meaning we were unknown by most in the area. So in October 2004 we re-opened in our current home in Rumbridge Street, Totton - much more prominent if a little more cosy.

How are you run?

Everyone is a volunteer. Yes, everyone from our management committee through to the people who man the shop, we're all volunteers. We're always looking for more people who can help us, even if it's just spreading the word or making some examples. Find out the many ways in which you can help us here.

Why are your opening hours so erratic?

As all our shop staff are volunteers, we can only open when they are available. Between us we can commit to be open on these days and times. If you can't find anyone there, give us a call and someone will be there as soon as possible. The only way we can expand our opening hours is if more people volunteer and help us, otherwise it would be the same few people dedicating all their free time.

How can I learn more?

Details on how to find us and get in contact are on our Find and Contact Us page.