We're the Waterside Scrapstore.

To a child a plastic bottle can be a powerful spaceship, a cereal box a skyscraper and a pile of rubbish the building blocks of something amazing.

Christmas Morsbagging Event

Thursday 5th December at Totton and Eling Community Centre at 7.30pm

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Based in Totton the Waterside Scrapstore collects clean unwanted waste materials from local businesses and recycles them for use in art, craft and learning activities for children.

From rainy day projects, home education supplies and seasonal crafts to charity makes, toddler group supplies and school art supplies, we're perfect. We are unique in the New Forest and part of the Reuseful UK scrapstore network for the benefit of children everywhere.

Our network of members support us while unlocking the huge potential offered by the Scrapstore including huge sacks of materials for only £2.50.

We are entirely run by volunteers. We're always looking for new people to help us, give us a shout if you think it is for you.

You can now find the Waterside Scrapstore on Facebook.

Check it out for the latest news and ideas of what to make.