Rocky River Water Chemistry Monitoring

The Rocky River Water Chemistry Monitoring program was formed in collaboration with Rocky River Watershed Council, Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and the Watershed Volunteer Program.

Volunteer water quality monitors test for several different parameters, including pH, salinity, conductivity, and nutrient levels, at different monitoring sites within Rocky River Watershed. Help assess watershed health with the Rocky River Water Chemistry Monitoring program.

Getting Started

Program Information

  • To learn more about the Rocky River Watershed Council, click here to refer to their website.
  • Keep an eye out for future water quality monitoring training sessions by referring to the Cuyahoga SWCD event calendar here.
  • Please call or email Jared Bartley, Rocky River Watershed Program Manager, at 216-524-6580 x1003 or to participate in a field monitoring training or any general questions about the program.

Once you have taken a training:

1) Review the instructional video at as a refresher. In the video description on YouTube, you will see a list of times in the video where specific tests are discussed (pH, Nitrate, etc) – just click on a time and the video will jump to that point.

2) Sign up to use one of the kits through SignUpGenius at

3) Grab a partner and have a fun, safe time monitoring the Rocky River!

Volunteer Materials & Resources

Report Hours

WVP volunteers are asked to report monthly hours by the last Monday of every month. Contact us at to add the project assignment to your Volgistics profile, if you have completed the training with Jared. Please look for assignment '(IP:M) Water Chemistry - Rocky River' when entering your hours on a time sheet.

Volgistics link:

Monitoring Equipment

Before you decide to go out and monitor, please sign out the equipment at SignUpGenius via this link. This allows for all volunteers to plan ahead and ensure that the equipment is available. In the comments section on the SignUpGenius page, please indicate what date/time that you plan to return the kit, and also which sites you plan to monitor

Monitoring equipment kits area available to check out at Emerald Necklace Marina, Rocky River Nature Center, the Watershed Stewardship Center at West Creek Reservation, and the Hinckley Lake Boathouse. In the kits you will find:

    • monitoring equipment
    • equipment instructions
    • binder with site descriptions
    • data forms

Reporting Data

Data can be recorded directly in the online reporting form, which you find here. You can either submit data online, record data on the paper reporting form and submit electronically at your convenience, or just use the paper form. However, if submitting electronically, please do not leave the completed paper form in the binder.

A new instructional training video is available (featuring Jared and Breoni!) that would be a good refresher, or a good intro for anyone who hasn't been able to attend an in-person training. The video description on YouTube includes video time stamps where specific tests are discussed (pH, Nitrate, etc.) - just click on a time and the video will jump to that point. View the instructional video here:

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Rocky River Water Quality Monitoring Training, Oct 2017 & May 2019