Permeable Pavement Monitoring

Help ensure permeable pavement installations are adequately managing stormwater. Collected data will be used to assess site performance and maintenance needs.

Attend a training and adopt sites to monitor independently or with a partner. Keep an eye out for the next training opportunity to learn more, or contact for more information.

Getting Started

Program Information

Contact us at to learn more about the Permeable Pavement Monitoring Project and necessary protocols and safety measures.

Project Goals:

  • Encourage proper maintenance of permeable pavement installations
  • Collect valuable data to be utilized for decision-making and research purposes
  • Promote awareness of simple infiltration testing method and need for proper maintenance

WVP Porous Pavement Monitoring Site Map: View available permeable pavement monitoring sites and contact wvpinfo@clevelandmetroparks for more information.

Volunteer Materials & Resources

Report Hours

Monthly hours are due by the last Monday of every month. Contact us at to add the project assignment to your Volgistics profile. Please look for assignment '(IP:M) Permeable Pavement' when entering your hours on a time sheet.

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