Ohio's Scenic Rivers Stream Quality Monitoring Project

Developed in 1983 by the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) Scenic Rivers program, Ohio's Stream Quality Monitoring (SQM) Project uses a variety of sampling techniques to determine the quality of the state's scenic rivers and streams.

Help Ohio's Scenic Rivers program conduct biological monitoring of macroinvertebrates to determine stream health. Collected data will be compiled into yearly reports used to help predict seasonal fluctuations and quality ranking.

Getting Started

Program Information

Learn more about Ohio's scenic rivers designation and history, Stream Quality Monitoring program, workshop dates, and how to get started as a volunteer SQM monitor on Ohio Department of Natural Resources' website.

Contact an SQM Coordinator

Refer to Ohio DNR's website for additional contact information:

Northeast Ohio: Ashtabula, Chagrin, Conneaut, Grand, Little Beaver, Pymatuning, Upper Cuyahoga

contact 330-298-9195 or NESQM@dnr.state.oh.us

Central Ohio: Darby, Kokosing, Mohican, Olentangy

contact 740-513-0455 or CentralSQM@dnr.state.oh.us

Northwest Ohio: Maumee, Sandusky

contact 614-570-4371 or NWSQM@dnr.state.oh.us

Southwest Ohio: Little Miami, Stillwater/Greenville

contact 937-481-4510 or SWSQM@dnr.state.oh.us

Volunteer Materials & Resources

Report Hours

Monthly hours are due by the last Monday of every month. Contact us at WVPinfo@clevelandmetroparks.com to add the project assignment to your Volgistics profile. Please look for assignment '(IP:M) ODNR Scenic Rivers Stream Monitoring' when entering your hours on a time sheet.

Volgistics link: https://www.volgistics.com/ex2/vicnet.dll/?from=322540

Map of Scenic Rivers in Ohio

Sourced from Ohio DNR Scenic Rivers website

Cuyahoga SQM Workshop June 2019