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Sump pump trips breaker or blows fuse

Possible Causes:

Defective float switch

Test and replace the float switch

Bound or damaged impeller

Remove housing and remove any debris that is blocking the impeller, replace impeller or sump pump if impeller is damaged

Sump pump does not deliver water

Possible Causes:

Check valve faulty or installed backwards

Replace or reverse the check valve

Other appliances on circuit

Rewire to give sump pump its own circuit

Defective motor or switch

Contact factory or dealer for repair or replacement

Outlet pipe too small

Increase the size of the outlet pipe to at least the size of the discharge opening

Plugged impeller or screen

Remove pump and clean impeller and screen

Common Sump Pump Problems

Switch Failure

Switch failures are the most common mechanical problem that causes sump pumps to fail. This usually occurs when the sump pump shifts in the sump pit to the point where the float no longer works. Since the float activates the on/off switch, this renders the sump pump useless. Routine checks of the sump pit can catch this problem before flooding occurs.

Electrical Outages

The most common problem that can cause a sump pump to fail is an electrical outage. The electrical outage usually happens during a storm when the sump pump is needed most, so the results can be devastating. There are two ways that you can use to safeguard against this situation: use a backup generator, or a backup sump pump. The backup generator can be used to supply power to the sump pump doing outages. A backup sump pump will work without power by using a battery (battery backup sump pump) or the municipal water supply (water powered sump pump).

The following are examples of backup sump pump systems:


Incorrectly Sized Sump Pump

When the incorrect sized pump has been installed, problems can be encountered. If the sump pump is too big, the pump will cycle on and off to fast resulting in a short life span. And a sump pump that is too small will have to work harder to pump out the water and this again will shorten the life span of the pump. Choosing the right size pump will greatly reduce the chance of premature failure of the unit.

Incorrect Installation

The installation of a sump pump can cause problems if not done right. If the sump pit is not installed properly debris can get into the pit and either clog the sump pump or interfere with the pumps float arm. Another problem is when the sump pit or sump pump settles, which can put stress on the outlet pipe and can lead to failure of the outlet pipe.

Sump Pump Alarms

One of the best ways to be alerted about a possible sump pump failure is to install a sump pump alarm. The sump alarm is installed so that it goes off if the water level within the sump basin rises to past a certain point (due to pump failure.) This early alert can allow you to fix the pump before water starts pouring out into your basement.

Sump pump alarms are fairly cheap and simple to install. Definitely worth it for the piece of mind. Check out our available alarms below:

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