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Aculine Plumbing

Serving Marion and Polk counties for over 15 years. Making home a better place to live. Offering installation and repair on water lines, water heaters, pipes, gas lines, sinks, tubs, showers, disposals, faucets and more. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

About Aculine

AculinePlumbing opened their doors in 1995. Owner Tim Beardsly grew up in Salem and has involved in construction since he was 10 years old with his father. Now serving the Mid-Willamette Valley including Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Dallas, Independence, McMinnville, Mill City, Monmouth, Silverton, Stayton, Sublimity, Wilsonville and Woodburn.

Services Offered

Offering 24 hour emergency service to repair your broken pipes, fix your faucets, install garbage disposals and hot water heaters, repair or install sinks, toilets, showers and tubs. As well as full remodeling, water damage repair and maintenance programs. Plumbing services are performed by professional and qualified technicians. Call to schedule one of the reputable plumbers today.

PEX Tubing: Offering Safety and Comfort

PEX tubing finds numerous versatile applications and a whole gamut of end uses. It finds its primary application in radiant heating systems like the ones of radiant type floor heating, snow melting applications, baseboard systems, and radiator and many more. Different kinds of pex tubing are available through PEX Universe that could be made use of according to the necessity.

pex fittings through this online store offer effective pex plumbing solutions be it for residential purposes or commercial purposes. PEX fittings are found to be extremely flexible and come in with less number of joints and therefore, one would incur less installation charges. The longevity and durability of the PEX supply and PEX tools provide the much needed strength as far as any kind of a plumbing fitting is concerned.

PEX fittings have an edge over the PVC fittings in the sense that the former can withstand maddening temperatures%u2026hot or cold and show no signs of cracks on the tubes. The basic advantage that comes with pex pipe is that it is corrosion free and is far superior when compared to their brass and copper counterparts.

Taco pump equipment and Taco 007 are available at PEXUniverse which is like the PEX supply operates efficiently both on hot as well as chilled water. Taco 007 pumps find their application widely in light commercial works and different hydronic systems. It is indeed ideal to invest in PEX supply and Taco 007 or Taco pumps as they are absolutely maintenance free and are tested thoroughly on standard criteria.

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