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The expert skill of plumbing is a necessary need of many home owners, today, tomorrow and in the future. Many people go to trade schools and obtain this skill so that they can turn into certified plumbers and open their own business someday.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find a local plumber. So there will be times where the homeowner will have to perform the skill for themselves. However, for a skilled or a novice plumber to carry out his plumbing work professionally, he will need the proper and adequate tools. Here you can find the necessary tools and materials that is required and used by a plumber.

Becoming a Plumber


Tools Used By Plumbers

A Caulk gun- this used to hold tubes of caulk or glue. A steel handle pushes the bead of caulk out of the nozzle.

A Flashlight- a flashlight will be needed for plumbing in Sparta to inspect pipes and drain openings.

A circuit tester- this is a very important device for testing for live current in an electrical outlet or appliance.

A ratchet wrench will be needed to tighten and loosen bolts and nuts

A hacksaw can be used for cutting metal and also plastic pipes.

A utility knife will also come in handy while doing a plumbing work. They have a razor sharp blade that is useful for trimming the ends of plastic pipes.

A putty knife is useful for scraping away old putty from appliances and fixtures.

Needle nose pliers will prove useful for holding small objects and for reaching into confined areas.

A Tubing cutter makes straight smooth cuts into plastic and copper pipes.

A closet auger is a slender tube used to clear toilet clogs. It has a crankle handle on one end of a flexible auger cable. A bend in the tube allows the tube to reach the bottom of the toilet and there is a rubber sleeve to prevent the toilet from getting scratched.

A hand auger is referred to as a snake and is used to clear clogs in drains. Another useful tool is a blow bag. It is used to clear clogs in drains and is attached to garden hose to remove the clogs with powerful spurts of water.

A most important and very common tool for plumbing work is a plunger. It removes clogs with water and air pressure. A standard plumber can be used to clear clogs in showers, sinks and floor drains. Nearly everywhere you go you will see a plunger, even in restaurant bathrooms.

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