How to watch Amazon prime video on Xfinity via US/Canada?

You can watch your favorite Amazon original content on your device without any barriers. If you are an Amazon prime video member, then you are all set to activate prime video on your Xfinity device. The process of activation is quite simple and only requires an activation code and internet connection. The activation code of prime video is the bridge that helps to connect the prime video streaming application of your Xfinity device with your prime video account. In this process, we will learn how to find the Amazon prime video activation code and how to activate it on your device. Before heading to the activation process, make sure that your explanatory device is compatible with Amazon prime video and has all the updated softwares.

Steps to activate Amazon prime video US/Canada on Xfinity

These are the steps that you can proceed with for activation of Amazon prime video on X1 and flex.

Step 1: first of all, connect your Xfinity device with the internet connection and check if any updates for the system are pending or not. If there are any pending updates, then install the updates before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: in this step, you need to go to the application store of your explain it a device, and with the help of search bar, look for the Amazon prime video application. Click on the Amazon prime video application that appeared in the search result to navigate to the information page of Amazon prime video.

Step 3: On this page, you will see the complete information about Amazon prime video along with a download button. Click on the download button and wait until the application is installed on your Xfinity device.

Step 4: further locate the Amazon prime video streaming application in your explain it device and click on it to launch it.

Step 5: now, you will see the signup button on the landing page for the welcome screen of the Amazon prime video. Click on the sign-in button to proceed.

Step 6: After that, use the Amazon prime video account credentials to log into the prime video streaming application of your Xfinity device.

Step 7: on the screen, you will see an activation code that you need to keep safe till the end of this process.

Step 8: get a mobile or PC connected with an internet connection and open the web browser on it. With the help of a web browser, go to US/Canada.

Step 9: now, you will reach the prime video login page, where you have to use the same credentials of your prime video account that you have used on your device.

Step 10: you will be redirected to a new page where you need to enter the activation code of your device; after entering the activation code, click on the continue button.

Step 11: complete all the onscreen instructions, and in the end, you will see a success message. Now you will see all the content of prime video of your Xfinity device will unlock to stream.