How to Register Smart TV on com/mytv US/Canada

Following are the steps to guide you for registering your Smart TV on Prim Video US/canada. Prim Subscription is cheaper and much affordable than Netflix or any other streaming platform.

The annual subscription fees- Rs. 999/-

Monthly Subscription fees- Rs. 129/-

(You also get 1-month free membership or trial period on Prim Video)

Do you want to register your device on .com/mytv US/canada?

To register your Device for enjoying the exclusive Prim Shows & Videos, you need an activation code.

Watching the latest blockbuster, Superhit90’s movie or the award-winning iconic series hits differently when you’re with family & friends.

Watching your favourite shows or movies on a Big Screen, just give you an amazing feeling.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Subscribe for Prim & Stream The Exclusive Shows, and The Latest Entertainment Videos On Your Smart TV by registering on .com/mytv US/canada

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Steps For Registering Activating Prim US/canada through Code for:

1. Open your Home Menu on your Smart TV by pressing the home button. You will see various app icons.

2. Select the Prim Video app.

3. To receive the activation code, go to the app and select Register on the website.

4. You will receive a six letter activation code. Remember or note it down for further process.

5. Now, proceed to .com/mytv on your desktop.

6. If you are already a member, Sign-in for Prim using your active E-mail Address and password.

7. If you are new to Prim, click on Create your account for creating a new account on Prim.

8. To link your Smart TV with Prim, Enter The Six Letter Activation Code provided to you at the beginning of Registration.

9. Next – Select Continue to receive a confirmation message.

10. After the Successful Registration, a Confirmation Notification will appear on your TV screen.

11. Select Continue to enjoy the latest Bollywood Blockbuster & Exclusive Prim Originals with ad-free music.

Devices Compatible for Prim Video:

o Smart TV

o Google Chrome-Cast

o Sony TV

o Roku Devices

o Selected Set-Top Box devices

o Android device

o iOS device

o PS3/ PS4/ PS5 (PlayStation Game Console)

o Many Media Players

Prim- Enjoy the Ad-free music and Unlimited Entertainment Videos

Prim is one of the recognized and renowned platform for streaming the latest and trending Entertainment Video, Blockbuster Movies, Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment shows, TV series, Web series, Exclusive Prim Originals and other mind-blowing Vintage movies. Subscribing for Prim, also allows you to enjoy many Prim features and benefits or discount on Shipping.

It consists of the latest Bollywood Blockbusters, Cartoon, Stand-up Comics, TV shows, Exclusive Prim Originals- entertainment content, etc.

In comparison to Netflix, Prim Subscription is a lot cheaper and also has unique contents of entertainment for kids as well as youngsters.

· Prim is very convenient for kids and adults as it has an Easy Parental Control System

· Prim Members have an access to the Exclusive Prim Originals.

· You can also avail the special offers & Exclusive Discounts on Shopping with Free Shipping on selected orders.

· Prim Subscribers can Enjoy The Ad-free music along with the Fastest Delivery service, and other deals.

· Save Data by adjusting the Video Quality while streaming online.

· You can also download the videos & Stream 3 screens simultaneously on different devices at the same time, and save the additional data.

· Stream the National and International sport tournaments, News & Debate, and several other live-telecast.

To Enjoy the Exclusive Prim Originals, trending Show Videos & other Prim