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Technology at Washington School...

The Washington School Technology Lab contains 23 Apple desktop computers, iPads, a STEM area which includes coding materials, building materials, circuitry materials, and robotics.

Each week, students in grades K-2 attend technology class. We use a variety of software, including; Apple paint, Typing Pal, Google Drive, Google Apps, PhotoBooth, Google Chrome, and various websites (all of which can be found on the links pages of this website). Many websites have a login username and password that will be sent home for the students to access at home, as well as in school. The second graders will also learn how to use a ChromeBook during technology class. In addition to computer instruction, students work on "unplugged" STEM challenges during their technology special.

Students is grades 2-5 experience technology integration in their classroom using ChromeBooks. Google Drive and Google Apps for Educations are primarily utilized. Websites that students are introduced to during the school year can be found in the students' Google Classroom accounts. All classes in Grades K-5 have access to our Makerspace materials, where additional technology and STEM lessons are taught.

For more information, please feel free to contact me via email. hflanagan@wyckoffschools.org

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