The Catholic Community of Washington County Kansas

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St. John's School Auction

Wednesday, August 25 - CCD Parent meeting and Enrollment 7:00 p.m.

Aaron Hendrickson Caring Bridge


Mass Attendance - With the decline in cases of the Coronavirus and following Washington County guidelines masks are no longer required at Mass. Hand sanitizing is still recommended and sitting up front is designated for physical distancing.

How to see Mass on YouTube

Subscribe to "Fr. Joseph Kieffer" and select "Alerts".

Recorded Masses

August 22 - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Online Giving

You can make an online donation to your local parish through the diocesan website. If you would like to do this please click on the following link: Online Donation


Sacred Heart

Tuesday - 8:30 am

Saturday - 4:30 pm

Confessions: Before Mass

St. Augustine

Thursday - 8:00 am

Sunday - 8:30 am

Confessions: Before Mass

St. John

Wednesday & Friday - 8:20 am

Saturday Evening - 6:00 pm

Sunday Morning - 10:30 am

Confessions: 30 minutes before each mass
or by appointment

Additional Mass times and places can be
found in the bulletin