Was SEO Really Gone?

We hear it over and over again that SEO is dead. Usually, it happens once a year that SEO is perceived to be dead. But the matter of fact is that it doesn’t die. It has never been dead. It just gets transformed and until people realize that SEO is around, most of them think that it has died.

Reports about SEO’s death are exaggerated

A decade ago, SEO was quite simple. All you had to do is to put a team at work in order to get content created and follow a link building scheme. That practice would generate great results in terms of traffic and ranking.

Then Google brought Panda and Penguin into the show. The introduction of these algorithmic changes shook the world of digital marketing. Nevertheless, overall effect of these changes has been very positive.

The effect of algorithmic changes made many people to leave the field of SEO. It can be termed as good thing because the people SEO was left with were the ones who had the capability to generate high quality content and engage with their audience rather than tricking search engines into sending their websites the traffic.

The challenging scenario of SEO made many people go towards the greener SEO which had more impact on the users. However, the circulation of baseless rumors never seemed to stop.

‘Greener’ Pastures

Many people wonder about the need for making all this effort in creating high quality content and building links to and from high quality resources when Facebook was around. This is due to the fact that Facebook allows users to build a business page and have tons of traffic running towards it. This way of marketing is undoubtedly amazing. It allows marketers to have active connection with their customers and it is very easy to convey them the updates about business. But, you may also note that it is not possible for any Facebook business page, no matter how elaborative it is, to let the customers have complete details about business. Only a business website has the capability to entertain users in this regard. And when there is a website to interact with, the need of SEO can never be overlooked.

What needs to be done?

The very first thing you have to take into consideration is that social media is not everything which can give you the valuable traffic. The major reason is that social media websites do not utilize the technology in search and ranking that is utilized by search engines. It means that the rank you achieve in Facebook or any other social networking site may turn out to be volatile.

The second thing you have to keep into consideration is that relying on only one source of traffic is the most foolish thing you will do. It means that if you love SEO, you do not have to hate Facebook because Facebook has huge importance in digital marketing.

It leads to the final conclusion that SEO is not dead and it is never going to die. SEO will only evolve that too in the ways we may not be able to imagine right now.