Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Beauty: Get Rid of that Hair!

Spring and summer include the awakening of the skin. With the awakening of the skin also the removal of the disfiguring hairs, at least for most women, this applies. When you get back to work to get rid of those hairs, here are the most frequently used options in a row.


The most pleasant thing is to remove the hair once and then get rid of it forever. Yes, we all want to. But what are the possibilities to permanently get rid of those hairs and which most commonly used temporary hair removal options are available?


The specialized clinic / salon can remove your hair using laser, IPL or VPL. We know the laser, but IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and VPL stands for Variable Pulsed Light and is relatively new. There is, as it were, a flash of light that energy (heat) in the hair follicle shoots.

With these forms of permanent hair removal applies that if you have light skin and dark hair, it is easy to do. Blond and gray hair is more difficult and with laser you can finish with fewer treatments. The laser must always be done in the clinic, while the IPL or VPL can also take place in different beauty salons. For all possibilities, you have to come back a number of times to achieve the desired result.

These are the best forms to achieve permanent hair removal, but even for this kind of more drastic methods, it does not always give the 100% guarantee. Also the home sets that are now for sale (a derivative of the equipment you see in the clinic / salon) are not 100%.


Waxing is okay, you often hear. It is painful, but you are a few weeks further before you see something again. In addition, the hairs often become a little less and in any case softer. Treatments from around € 40 are given (depending on the location, of course). What is a clear disadvantage of waxing is that the hairs again have to grow reasonably to be able to undergo the next resin turn and also with softer hairs that is not a beautiful sight, especially if your dark hairs on the legs or under the armpits again become visible.

For some people also applies that the skin is very sensitive, and it hardly attracts when it is in the salon. A red and / or swollen skin may result. With some cool compresses the skin is in normal condition again, but it is certainly not ideal. If you do, realize that hair removal is not painless and if the skin is very sensitive, it will react even more violently. Royal Jelly Rich in Nutrients


Shaving is, despite the fact that the stubble are quickly visible again, still a simple way of depilation. In the shower, many women go through the washing of the hair and skin with difficulty. Here, too, the skin can revolt, but is not as intense as hair removal with a strip. Moreover, the cream that you can use is often soothing and there is also a variant where soap is delivered with the blades, without extra addition of shaving cream.

For the armpits, a cosmetics brand itself has deodorant that slows down hair growth and makes the hair softer ... and it still works.

The skin

Whatever you choose, your skin can always use something extra after depilation. Either a boost with mint for the legs, or a soothing lukewarm bath with lavender. But anyway, spoil the skin where the hairs have previously been removed. Unknown Fruit Soursop