What food for baldness and Hair Loss? Nutrition & other Tips

Hair Loss in Men and Women

The loss of your head hair can have a lot of influence on the way you look at yourself. It can make you realize that you will not get younger and will gradually become an older population category. Hair loss can thus strongly influence your self-image and your self-confidence. Hair loss can be caused by medication use, sudden or prolonged stress and hereditary predisposition. Both men and women can suffer from it, but men to a higher degree.

Hair care Products for Baldness

Hair products against hair loss are available on the market in all smells and colors. There are shampoos against hair loss, chemicals, substances based on natural ingredients that all claim to prevent hair loss. But in addition to applying hair products to the head or performing a hair transplant, it is often forgotten that a balanced diet can also play a role in preventing and combating hair loss.

Nutrition and Hair Loss

Like all other parts of the body, the hair also depends on the nutrients it receives from the body. An important component of her is cysteine. That is a protein that needs a lot of sulfur to be efficient. For a luxuriant and healthy hair, it is therefore crucial to include sufficient sulfur in your diet. A balanced diet that is also healthy certainly plays a role in the prevention of hair loss.

What not to Eat?

The foods and activities to be avoided for those who want to protect his or her hair against rejection are in line with the advice given to your health in general. For example, you do not eat too many fats and sugars (think fast food and soft drinks), you do not smoke at all and do not develop too much stress.

What do you eat against hair loss?

Healthy food

Products in which there is a lot of sulfur, such as. broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, sprouts, garlic and onions.

Foods with many proteins such as fish, nuts, meat and eggs.

Foods with iron, such as: broccoli, liver, eggs and leafy vegetables.

In addition, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E are essential for a healthy diet for the hair

Dietary Supplements

To strengthen the hair, you can also take vitamins in the form of supplements. In this way you give your body a boost with healthy nutrients and the chance of hair loss becomes smaller. Other supplements that can be particularly useful against hair loss are:


silicic acid


Blood Circulation

Physical Activity

A simple tip that seems obvious but is often forgotten is physical exercise. Physical activity ensures good blood circulation, which makes it easier for the organs to absorb nutrients, building materials and oxygen. The above mentioned vitamins and supplements can therefore be more efficient, which reduces the risk of hair loss. Healthy nutrition, vitamins, supplements and exercise are all factors that together can lead to a reduced hair loss. Make sure you do not sit too much and regularly go out for a walk or exercise.

Head Massage

Another way to achieve better blood circulation is to massage the skin of the head. By gently massaging the scalp, the blood flow of skin and hair is stimulated, which makes the hair follicles more effective to produce new hairs. This massage of the head can be done by your partner yourself, with or without a bit of shampoo or lotion.

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Too often washing your hair with aggressive shampoos is completely inadvisable. It can be useful, however, in combination with a healthy diet, to regularly use a nourishing shampoo or lotion. Some shampoos contain the active substance minoxidil which prevents hair loss. Thanks to such an anti-hair loss shampoo or lotion, the gradual process of hair loss can be slowed down.