Hair loss, what can you do about it?

Everyone loses up to 100 hair per day as a result of the natural regeneration process. However, if more hair falls out, we speak of hair loss. Did you know that all our head hairs grow more than 1 kilometer in one month?

Hair loss in both men and women

Both men and women are affected by hair loss, although there are certain forms of hair loss that occur more often in men. Because hair loss and hair loss is not the same, there are different types and causes. So we distinguish for example:

hormonal and inherited hair loss that often occurs in men;

circular hair loss;

and diffuse hair loss.

Sudden baldness

While in most cases there is a gradual increase in hair loss, one can also have to deal with sudden hair loss.

In old age and over the years, many people experience physical changes. A particularly common condition is sudden baldness. For sudden hair loss, several causes can be responsible that are not always genetically determined. One of the factors that can lead to sudden hair loss is the acidity . Acidification of the body is a typical indication for later hair loss. The high acidity causes a disturbance of the acid-base balance in the body, which in most cases suddenly causes hair loss.

What do hormonal hair loss do?

The most common form of hair loss is with 95% the hormonal and genetic certain hair loss. With this form there is an increased sensitivity of the hair follicles for the hormone testosterone . That is the reason why this form of hair loss concerns almost exclusively men.

This form of hair loss is hereditary and begins early with the formation of a receding hairline and then expands on the entire head.

Estrogen containing hair tinctures prevent the conversion of the hormone testosterone. This means therefore counter the hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair follicles for the hormone . If the hair tincture does not work as expected, then the medicines can be finasterideor alfatradiol which have a similar scope.

In women after menopause who suffer from hormonal hair loss, the use of hormone preparations with the anti-androgenic drug progestin can bring about an improvement.

What to do in case of circular hair loss

In the event of circular hair loss, the hairs fall out of the head in one or more areas of the head. The causes have not yet been fully investigated, but it is thought that malfunctions in the immune system and mental disorders are the cause of this type of hair loss. The immune system seems to attack the hair roots so that it comes to hair loss.

Circular hair loss can spread over the entire head and even carry other body hair into the misery. First, blood circulation-promoting and cortisone-containing tinctures are tried to stimulate hair growth again. In addition, an intake of zinc tablets can help.

An external immunotherapy with DCP (diphenylcyclopropenone), which is mainly used for the treatment of psoriasis, can also be tried in an advanced form of circular hair loss.