Internet Maya Epigraphy course at University of Warsaw

Since 2003 University of Warsaw, under auspices of Centre for pre-Columbian Studies and University's Centre for Open and Multimedia Education, within a cooperation with University of Bonn is hosting a unique internet-based course for Maya epigraphy. The course is called "Maya Hieroglyphic Writing" and is tutored by dr Boguchwała Tuszyńska.

The course is probably the only place in the world where students (and the course is originally designed to allow participation of students from different countries) can use the internet to study the ancient Maya writing.

In addition to the internet course the students can participate in annual workshops organised by Institute of Archaeology and Centre for pre-Columbian Studies, and tutored by dr Tuszyńska and prof. Nikolai Grube.

More information:

  • dr Boguchwała Tuszyńska,

The Gallery, Photographs from the Workshop (Various years)