Welcome to Warrior’s Soul, Inc., A Healing and Learning Center

Dawn Batti, Equine Professional and Amy Nistor, LMFT are the Certified Equine Guided Education Facilitators (CEGEF).

Why Equine Guided Education?

Equine Guided Education provides a supportive learning environment for participants to learn about themselves, heal what has been broken, and reconnect to what has heart and meaning. The horse is the guide in this process of learning, reflecting and exploring. The Equine Guided Educator cultivates the integration of mind, body and spirit through interacting with a horse chosen specifically for that client and their situation.

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Warrior's Soul, Inc., Mission Statement

Warrior’s Soul provides opportunities to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being by utilizing the unique interaction created between horse and human.

A Day At The Ranch

“Your body cannot heal without play, your mind cannot heal without laughter, your soul cannot heal without joy.” unknown

“A horse will see us at our worst, as well as at our best. A horse will not close his or her heart when we have made a mistake. A horse will not condemn us but will compassionately support our return to a state of grace.” unknown

We are continuing to educate ourselves by doing more training in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in working with Natural Lifemanship training (https://naturallifemanship.com) in the spring of 2017 and year of 2018. Equine therapy touches pain, struggle, relationship issues and trauma in a way no other therapeutic modality can. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy far reaches places of pain or disunity with self or others that have no words and can only be met with a safe presence and a powerful healing experience horses generously offer.​

Warrior's Soul is proud to announce that Amy Nistor, LMFT and Dawn Batti, Equine Professional are becoming certified as trainers in the Natural Lifemanship (https://naturallifemanship.com) Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP) model. This video represents the heart of Equine Assisted Therapy - the safe and powerful healing experience horses generously offer.

Watch as a mustang and a boy learn what it takes to have a good relationship using the principles of Natural Lifemanship in a therapy setting.