Wardwell Farm


Wardwell Farm is a non-profit organization designed to build and share a local garden and nature-inspired curriculum that connects our community of all ages and abilities to a creative coalition of committed educators, families, farmers, cooks, and artists all working towards promoting a healthful life, rooted in nature.  

Goals for Wardwell Farm, LLC include community outreach via the local schools systems on Bainbridge Island in the form of field trips, after school programs and Special Education focused workshops and programming.

Farm News! Wardwell Farm is now home to Scrappy Art Lab! 

Wardwell Farm has recently partnered with Rachel Knudson and Scrappy Art Lab to provide a creative mix of arts experiences to our garden and nature-inspired offerings.  We are excited to launch our Spring and Summer Camps this March!  


Erin Combs was born and raised in rural Maine and spent much of her life in the garden; as a hobby, in the greenhouse at her alma mater in Massachusetts, in the landscape design / build space in New York City and as a teacher in Connecticut where she ran garden education workshops & events for all ages.  She is currently a mother of a three and a para-educator in Special Education at Ordway Elementary.  She lives and works at Wardwell Farm with her family, a pair of goats, 12 hens and her trusty farm dog, Diego.