"I'm doing the right thing.

What could possibly go wrong?"

With solidarity and vigor against the rulers of Eden, thirteen-thousand young revolutionaries staged an uprising the likes of which had never been seen in history. Calling themselves the "Causes," they seek truth, change, and transparency from their government; a powerful council known as the Fifteen.

Two months in, the Revolution eases into a temporary stalemate. Dartmouth—known as "Brigg" among his fellow Causes—continues to enjoy carefree time to himself. Using the Revolution to distance himself from his personal hardships has been working out for him.

His time traveling solo is soon cut short when he crosses paths with an endearing girl named Mika, who has been seeking help in locating her missing father. Unsuccessful thus far, she confides in Dartmouth when he offers to help.

As the two of them become a team, a chain of events is sparked into motion. With their choice, the balance of the Revolution shifts, diplomacy shrivels to chaos, allegiances are shattered, and the course of Eden's history is affected in ways far beyond what they could ever imagine.