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A fantastic journey of mystery and adventure awaits!

Enter the land of Eden; a tightly governed world turned sideways by an ongoing revolution. The young generation has banded together as "Causes" and shirked their studies and duties in an unprecedented walk-out protest. Together, they pursue change, transparency, and prosperity. All the while, Eden's governing body, The Fifteen, plot tirelessly in every effort to shut them down. After all, their system has worked for centuries. Why change?

For a Cause named Dartmouth, this desire for change took a back seat to his true intentions: carefree time away from his home, family, and personal hardships. Enjoying aimless, innocent time alone was a great way to assure that the police and The Fifteen would not look his way twice.

During this time, he crosses paths with a young girl named Mika. This endearing twelve-year-old is on a mission to locate her father, and had been mingling with the Causes for additional aid in her search. Having excused herself from a troublesome group, she is found riding alone on a train.

Dartmouth and Mika share their stories as they ride along the rails. After carefully considering Mika's situation, Dartmouth chooses to help her, as well as protect her from any dangers that could stem from the chaos of the Revolution. This lone decision sparked the chain of events that would change the course of his life; the course of the Revolution; and the course of history.

Illustrations By Thomas Cousin