Club, District and National Competition

The League

The League is a social intra-club competition that gives both graded and ungraded players an opportunity to play other Wanaka members at about the same level. There is a autumn, winter, spring and summer league.

Latest League Draw and Results are here.

League may be for national grading points (main winter season) or a non-point handicapped version (shoulder seasons).

They are:

  • usually run on Monday and Tuesday night from 6:00 to 9:00pm

  • mixed gender

  • comprised of 8 teams of 4-5 levels - level 1 being the more accomplished players and 5 being those fairly new to the game

  • an opportunity to meet new playing partners

  • an opportunity to support your team.

Other useful stuff:

  • If you win:

    • you shout the other player a something from the club.

    • you move your name one place above your partner (if higher-placed) on the club ladder

    • all games you win are aggregated into a team score.

  • You ref a game every night

  • Team captains organise the open and closing of the club and bar

  • If you can’t play, contact your partner AND organise a reserve. Don’t just tell someone that might be playing that evening. Contact details are in the draw or on the contact list on the website. Please don’t leave your partner without a game or a surprise change.

  • Games must be played on the designated night. You really need to be there to make it a social event. If you don't make it, you don't get points.

The league rolls over to a new round about every 7 weeks. You stay pretty much where you are unless you ask for something different - e.g. you tell the organiser if you can't play the upcoming round.

If you’d like to play but can’t commit to every game, you can put your name on the reserve list

Central Otago Interclub

an annual competition between Central Otago clubs. Clubs enter mixed teams of 4 into 3 divisions, Prems (grade C1 and above), Div 01 (grade D2 to C2) and Div 02 (E1 and below). Teams play every Wednesday night on a home and away draw.

  • The competition starts around May and the length depends on the number of teams entered.

  • When playing at home, the host team provides dinner.

  • Team captains must forward the results to the competition controller every week.

  • All games are for points so you must be registered with iSquash and be a full member

  • Players pair with their opponents based on the grade order in iSquash - so each team has a number 1, 2 and so on

  • There is a finals competition at the end of the season

  • if you can't play on any particular night, you will need organise a replacement

Club Championships

A Squash NZ graded competition played over a week and ending with finals on Saturday night for club members. Determines champions for each grade within the club and a number of other awards such as Most Improved. You must be graded to play.

Wanaka Open - Queens Birthday Weekend

A Squash NZ graded competition open to all NZ squash players. Played over a week and ending with finals on Saturday night on Queens Birthday weekend. You must be graded to play.

Business House

This is aimed at beginner squash players with 3 of the 4 players to be newish. A really social competition with an emphasis on fun rather than results (a drink is highly recommend with your opponent/team afterwards) The format is:

  • Teams of 4

  • $5 per person per night

  • 5 minute warm up with 15 minute games

  • One round to start at 5.30pm and another at 7.15pm

  • Non stop scoring with team scores added together to find a result


  • A social competition played in one day that all members can play.

  • Draws will be done in 8’s or 4’s and everyone will have 3 games over one day. Scoring similar to Summer Rules but no handicap for 2nd game.

  • Entries will be limited so we can ensure all games are played. Points will NOT go to grading.

  • Each person plays 3 matches.

  • Match times:Warm-up: 3min (buzzer will signal end of warm-up), 1st game: 10 mins, ½ time(buzzer will signal end of 1 min break), 2nd game: 10 mins

  • Games will start around 10:00am


  • Point-a-Rally

  • When buzzer goes at end of either game and points are tied, next point wins the game – as per Summer League rules.

  • For the 2ndgame, both players start off at nil all.

  • At the end of play if games are tied 1-all, then a 3rd game is played until one player reaches 5 points. Please mark and ref the game straight after yours.