Class Representative

Deadline September 30

Are you interested in becoming a "Classroom Mom/Dad"? Each class needs two representatives to share the following responsibilities.

    1. Must be a member of the PTA
    2. Must attend at least two PTA meetings
    3. Assist teacher with class activities, as needed, throughout the year.
    4. Chaperone class trips (PTA Meeting Attendance Required)
    5. Help organize your class basket for the Basket Auction. This means collecting items based on your class theme and/or purchasing items with the money that will be collected in your class.
    6. Serve as a liaison to the PTA
    7. Provide photos of your class to the Yearbook Committee

To Register: (ONLINE ONLY this year)

Complete and submit this form. To submit for and additional classroom please refresh the page.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Classroom Representative program please email

Thank you,

Lorraine Mastrella

Room Representative Chair