September 20th Meeting


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Edward Walton PTA Meeting

September 20, 2017

Meeting called to order 9:30 AM

Location: Edward Walton School Library

Introduction of the executive board members:

President: James Zabinski

VP of Fundraising: Sharyn Alban

VP of Programs: Alina Ioshpa (Absent from Meeting)

Treasurer: Agatha Tiziano

Corresponding Secretary: Laureen Bilodeau

Recording Secretary: Gina Manzella

President James Zabinski

The PTA is a national organization, which provides a link between our staff, parents and students. The PTA provides the school with money for the class trips, programs, assemblies, snacks and crafts for the holidays during the year. One of our goals this year is move to a more “GREEN” environment. We have brought in Community Pass to allow parents to register online for PTA membership, volunteer for fundraising programs, Classroom Representative, etc. We have received great feedback on Community Pass; however a parent was unable to register online using their phone. Walton PTA website is up and running. All upcoming fundraiser, school events, and school notifications will be posted on the website. PTA flyers will be distributed on “GREEN” paper. The PTA is working on sending fewer flyers in the backpack. Our December flyer will include all events and we asking for feedback. During the year we will need volunteers for our fundraisers.

Executive Board Reports

VP of Fundraising Sharyn Alben

Major fundraiser is our basket auction. We currently do not have a date. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Disney on Ice is coming. There will be limited # of tickets and sign-ups will be online. Our current fundraisers are the Coupon Book and Walton Wear. Please take a look at the samples of Walton Wear on the back table and the display case.

VP of Programming Alina Iospha

Absent and no information was reported

Treasurer Agatha Tiziano

The 2017-2018 budget spreadsheets were handed out to all attendees. The budget was reviewed. Agatha will look into the Pre-School snack budget because this event is not to raise money.

Corresponding Secretary Laureen Bilodeau

No information to report

Principal Report Dr. Coppola

Dr. Coppola introduced herself to the attendees of the meeting and welcomed the crowd. Dr. Coppola is the new Walton Principal replacing Dr. Hung. Dr. Coppola addressed the car line and will be creating a committee in Early October to brainstorm on strategies on making the carline more efficient and safe. She expressed that she is very excited to be at Walton School and for back to school night.

Board of Education

No Updates

Teacher Report Lauren Fischer

Thank you from Walton Staff for everything the PTA does. A special “Thank You” for the end of the year gift cards. The teachers really appreciated it. The Walton Staff is looking forward to working with the PTA. Lauren plugged the Gardening Club. All food harvest goes to Intro Faith Food Harvested of the Oranges. Georgene Badalamenti expressed that another chair is needed for the gardening club and anyone interested should touch base with Georgene Badalamenti or Stacy Fox.

Committee Reports

Currently 150 people have signed up for the PTA. We are launching an initiative program for PTA membership. If a class receives full PTA membership participation that teacher will receive a gift card. As a reminder, if you are a PTA member the Halloween and Valentine Dance are free. The membership cost is $6. If you are not a member of the PTA the cost for the dances are $10.

Pumpkin Patch Chair Danielle Piccolo highlighted the event that is scheduled on Tuesday, October 31st with a rain date of Wednesday, November 1st. She expressed that every year the children are so excited about the Pumpkin Patch. Each child will come home with a pumpkin and that there are different stations that your child will visit during their scheduled time. Volunteers are needed and will be requested through the flyer that will be backpacked in the next coming weeks.

Walton Wear Chair Gina Manzella highlighted the new items for Walton Wear. Walton Wear was officially kicked off and we are very excited about the items that have been selected. The 64 inch Vented Golf umbrella was highlighted as well as other items that only have “S” and “Springfield” and Bulldog logos to create sales for the 2nd grade out-going class as well as parents and students in other Springfield Schools. The umbrella is selling for $25. Orders can be placed online this year. Some of the items are displayed on the back table, other items are in the display case, and we will have a table at Back to School night. Walton Wear orders are due by Friday, October 6th. Suggestions were made for Golf shirt, beach towel, and Baseball shirt. We expressed that these items will be consider in the Spring 2018 sale.

Coupon Book Chair Noelle Winer expressed that Coupon Books must be sent back if you are not interested in purchasing. We are currently sold $1700 and a table will be set up at Back to School night.

*Don’t forget to turn in your Box Tops!!!

Technology Coordinator James Zabinski spoke about the PTA website and that announcements, flyers, calendars, etc. will be posted on the website. We have launched Community Pass for PTA membership and classroom representative volunteers. We are requesting feedback on the new sites.

New Business

2017-2018 Budget was approved

Upcoming Dates

September 20th – Class Rep Form Due

September 29th – PTA Membership Due – Online

October 5th – Back to School Night

October 6th – Walton Wear Orders Due

October 26th – Halloween Dance @ FMG

October 31st – Pumpkin Patch

Closing Remarks/Questions/Closing of Meeting

Birthday Bookclub Flyer was not approved and we are currently working with the super intendent. Once flyer is approved it will be backpacked.

Classroom representative sign-ups are due today, Wednesday, September 20th. There are 2 classroom representatives per class. The Classroom representative must attend 2 PTA meetings.

James Zabinski expressed a potential New Enrichment Program that classes will be held after school. More information will come if program kicks off.

Our Next PTA meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 15th at 9:30 AM

Meeting Adjourned 10:30 am