You may be wondering... Where do the pictures come from for the yearbook? or... How can I get my kid's picture in the yearbook? The answer is YOU!

Looking for Halloween Dance and Pumpkin Patch Photos

These events were fantastic! We want to make sure they are well represented in our yearbook. If you were there and took pictures please please please share!

See below for how you can submit your pictures.

Submit Pictures for Yearbook

The system we use for the yearbook accepts pictures 3 ways:

  1. ReplayIt Website. Click on the link and it will take you to the ReplayIt Website. Log in and upload pictures from your computer. It is important to categorize and tag your pictures to make it easier for us to find and use appropriate pictures for certain pages.
  2. Android or iPhone Apps. You can use the app right on your phone to select and upload pictures for the Walton Yearbook. Links to download the app are provided below. You can also download the instructions.
SA_ReplayIt-EZ-Guide NP.PDF

3. Share a Google Photos album with