The Library at Walton High School includes nearly 10,000 titles, audio/visual equipment, computers for general use and printing, access to research databases, and offers technology services and assistance to all patrons.

The Library staff collaborates with teachers and administrators to create, enhance, and deliver instruction, and works with all patrons to nurture Media and Technological Literacy.

All students, with a pass from a teacher, are welcomed to the Library during school hours. 

Book and Equipment Check-Out

Students may check out up to five books for fifteen school days. Audio/Visual equipment may be checked out for up to three days.

Technology and General Assistance

We'll do our best to help with any technology issues you experience, and if we can't fix it, we'll be sure to find someone who can. 

For general assistance around the school, even if you don’t know what the bell schedule is for the day, or you just need to find the elevator, please visit the Library and we’ll help out!

Student Book Swap

The Walton Library’s Book Swap provides an opportunity for students to recycle assigned reads. Simply visit the Library and let us know you’d like to exchange a book. If we have the title in our inventory, we’ll swap it for any book you’ve been assigned at Walton. We accept annotated books with all pages intact. Because the inventory fluctuates, students are encouraged to plan ahead, and parallel novel donations are always welcome.

Computer Use

Print services are available for all patrons, including full-color and large-format printing. 

Students are expected to follow the CCSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Lost and Damaged Materials

If a library book or item has been lost or damaged beyond use or repair, the patron is responsible for its replacement cost.

Library Staff

Tim Nielson, Media Specialist

Laura Smith, Library Assistant

Mary Ann Layman, Library Assistant

(770)578-3225 ext. 033  

School Days, 7:30 - 4:00