Program Guidelines

*Student-athletes must maintain WHS academic (1.7 GPA) and MIAA standards. They must also maintain a D- average or above in ALL classes. Discipline of the student-athlete will be at the coach’s discretion.

*Student-athletes must be at all practices and games. Unexcused absences are not acceptable. If the student-athlete misses practice the day before a game it will be the coach’s discretion on whether or not they play.

*Student-athletes are responsible for communicating with the coach about absences, tardiness, and all academic issues.

*Student-athletes are expected to be at practice 15 minutes prior to start time and for home games 1.5 hours prior to game time. Unexcused tardiness will not be accepted.

*Student-athletes will demonstrate proper behavior during school and after school hours. Inability to do this will result in punishment deemed appropriate by the coaching staff.

*Student-athletes will respect all fellow students, teammates, coaches, teachers, adults, opponents, and officials at all times.

*Student-athletes are to be in school for the entire day (excused absences/dismals are allowed) and are not to be tardy to school more than three times during the season. Failure to follow this with result in playing time taken away.

*Student-athletes are to wear only school related equipment, apparel, and hats. Arm bands and sleeves, AAU apparel, etc. are not acceptable unless a doctor deems it necessary. Players must also wear sweatpants, or baseball pants to practice at all times. Full leg spandex with shorts are not acceptable practice attire.