Walter Quattrociocchi is currently heading the Laboratory of Data Science and Complexity at the University of Venezia.

His research interests include data science, cognitive science, and dynamic processes on complex networks. His research, based on an interdisciplinary approach, focuses on the information and misinformation diffusion, and the emergence of collective narratives in online social media as well as their relation with the evolution of opinions.

He collected more than 60 scientific papers on major peer reviewed conferences and journals. His results on misinformation spreading served to inform the Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum (2016 and 2017) and have been intensively covered by the media (The Economist, The Guardian, Washington Posts, New Scientist, Bloomberg, Salon, Poynter, New York Times).

A summary of his main findings is available at:

How does misinformation spread online? World Economic Forum Agenda

Here the link to the Personal Blog (in Italian)