LOCATION: 7450 Ocean Terrace, Miami Beach, FL

CATWALK - 5 years of radical fashion and vogue from the club industry’s most accomplished dancers. A themed event with guest star judges that curate one of Miami’s most experiential dance parties. CATWALK’s former events, consists of appearances made by ZEBRA KATZ and other stars. Fierce, shade, and battle to the top of each category will spice up Art Basel yet again bringing the best out from Miami’s Little Haiti vogue scene. All the talk is evident with media always in the mix whether Miami New Times or VICE come find out why it’s one of the elite events in Miami nightlife. Fish it all out this 2017 basel with Disc Jockey MikeQ, LGBTQ Rap princess Cupcakke,the only BonnieBeats, and MC NicNac. All in a catty collaboration with J Sport of Morph Atlanta and Goodroid of Loveless. Photo by Morgan Coleman

WATER PROOF is an unconventional runway presentation combining fashion, music, visual and digital art. The artists showcased in this event represent a spectrum of queer and femme artists based mostly in Miami, Florida. Garments presented in WATER PROOF will be fabricated out of clear/glossy/vinyl materials to tie in with the theme. All models will submerge themselves throughout the presentation in our installation, a plexiglass LED incubation tank. These garments will be designed by local stylist and designer NIVERO. The presentation will also feature an exclusive musical collaboration by experimental artists JuJu Pie(Producer, Singer, Writer) and Exit Sense (DJ, Visual Artist, Producer), both from Miami . Projections will be rendered in 3D by Valy CG. Other artists featured will include Playplayy (North Carolina, DJ, Producer and Event Curator) Bored Lord(Tennessee, DJ, Producer, Visual Artist, Event Curator)and GAMI (Miami, DJ, Event Curator and FOUNDER of Internet Friends)

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