FLOWTONE, A Chicago made progressive pop-rock band of infused Jazz, Funk, and other influences. This five piece group of gentleman produce a signature sound, successfully blending and weaving melodies between their instruments and challenging common pop-rock structures authenticated by lyrical and capturing vocals. The band’s mood is an easy going yet tactical vibe. Theyre image is very classic, that of a polaroid-making analog music relevant.

The band has played shows making appearances throughout Chicago since their first album with a feature at Reggies by AEMMP Rock Records and acknowledgment via The Debonair Social Club in Flood Magazine as a guest band for Who’s This Mary? In addition to a recent play on The PantsOf Podcast Via Soundcloud [5:18] . From their very first appearance at The Underground Lounge they’ve continued the momentum with appearances in some of the marquee Chicago venues like Chop Shop and Wire.

Former Publicist/Manager