The organization channels its efforts in a variety of creative projects and services including event production, creative consulting, content publishing, as well as operations of its event and studio spaces in Wicker Park and the Fulton Market.

Since its inception in 2012, the organization has had the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside many renowned local and international artists and musicians. The mediums with which these creatives work are as varied and unique as they are, ranging from digital and new media artists to physical and street artists. Though very different, they all have in common the belief that they can effectively express themselves through a serious dedication to their work.

Canvas is a child of Chicago. As such, it actively pursues an understanding of the local creative culture in the hopes to help it evolve through events tailor-made to showcase the fresh, the innovative, the extraordinary, or the just plain weird of the city it calls home. As long as the art is honest, and the work is bold, Canvas will help let the world know it’s there.